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Resume Writing

Have you ever wondered why you didn’t get an interview? Has it ever frustrated you that someone who was less suited to the role got the job in the end and you didn’t even get a look in?

Resume Writing

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LinkedIn Mastery

Are you new to LinkedIn? Perhaps you’ve had a LinkedIn profile sitting there for a while now but it doesn’t seem to attract the same attention that others are getting in your industry?

Resume Writing

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Selection Criteria

Are you the right person for the role? Not sure how to explain it with words? Have you spent hours on responses only to find out you’ve been unsuccessful and you don’t know why?

Resume Writing

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Free Resume Review

Upload and send us your resume. We’ll assess it and give you some free tips for making it better.

More than just a writing service!

Our profits go toward funding the Multicultural Community Centre as well as children’s charities and orphanages around the world. When you choose to partner with Diversity Resumes you’re helping to make the world a better place.


Diversity Resumes produced a resume for me that was clear, concise and very impressive. Pleasantly surprised at the many options available, the amazing quality and swift turnaround time. Thoughtful and very professional staff. Highly recommended. – Dr Kelvin K.

Incoming interview numbers were increased by 8 times after I used Diversity Resumes! – Xi C.

I am a structural engineer who migrated to Australia five years ago. Each country that I worked has different ways to write a professional resume. There are major cultural barriers in how to sell somebody from one country to Australia. Diversity Resumes was able to comprehend my international experience and present my responsibilities and achievements in a more readable way to the hiring personnel. Their reviewing and editing benefited me to get more job interviews and then finally land full-time employment in Australia. – Don K.

I recently updated my Resume using the services at Diversity Resumes because I was not getting any interviews. I had only recently updated the previous one myself and I was surprised at what I was doing wrong. The customer service was great and I am very happy with my new resume. I have since had no problem progressing to the interview stage. I would highly recommend Diversity Resumes to anyone looking for work. It really does make a difference in standing out to any employer. – Kevin C.

I just wanted to thank you a lot for the great work your team did for my resume. I am very impressed with it and wouldn’t change anything. I had a partner interview at Deloitte where they printed out my resume to discuss and they made several comments about how impressed they were with it. I was fortunate to land the position as a Technology Consultant Intern at Deloitte. Once again, thank you to you and your team and keep up the great work. – Sam E.

I first purchased a resume package from Diversity Resumes approximately one year ago. The preparation experience was very detail orientated, with considerable time taken to understand the various roles, experience and achievements for each position. This resulted in a very professional resume that has substantially increased the number of responses from recruiters. In particular I noted an increase in LinkedIn hits due to the use of key words employed in my profile. The key aspect is that Diversity at no time embellished or exaggerated any items from my previous CV, only made it more user friendly and accessible to professional recruiters, given the restraints that they operate under. I would recommend Diversity Resumes as an ethical and effective method to gaining employment. – Tim S.